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Our expertise, team, and processes have been developed over years of helping our clients thrive in a fast-changing world.


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Our seasoned, world-class consulting team delivers flexible solutions while employing the latest business analytics and technological advances to appropriately reduce costs and manage risk.

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Our seasoned, world-class consulting team delivers flexible solutions while employing the latest business analytics and technological advances to appropriately reduce costs and manage risk.

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Our customers benefit from our team’s hands-on managerial experience in an enormous scope of industries and startup businesses. In addition, we execute jo9intly with our customers by driving decision-makers towards self-reliance

Growth Tactics AND Knowledge

Our approach to business is simple: we focus on growth, tactics AND knowledge.

We analyze, custom design, and implement your growth

Businesses, particularly small and medium-sized and family-owned, are seeking new creative ways of expansion. Our strategic focus on net profits and support governance and operational structures assure stable profit growth over time. oIn addition, our experience helps our customers define, design, and implement tactics towards improved work processes and higher operating efficiencies with teams who understand how to proceed. o We Transfer expertise and knowledge with an innovative approach to C-Level coaching and training to essential key managers and governance team members. We pride ourselves on being up to date with the evolution of management practices in our areas of work and share our developments with our customers to keep them updated on the subjects they need.

Our Approach


First GTK knows that success lies in the smallest details, which is why we look at your business from every angle to present you with practical solutions.

C-Level Coaching

We are the action behind your vision. We offer appropriate coaching at every step of the process, from beginning to end.

Family Business and Succession

Creating a future for your business beyond the first generation is becoming increasingly difficult. Succession planning remains a crucial step in ensuring your family business thrives for generations to come. We are here to help!

Strategy Development and Implementation

We focus on identifying and maximizing strategy. We consider strategy execution, which is the activities necessary to bend strategy into results. And, we examine the intersection between strategy and culture and the role that culture plays in evaluation and decision-making.

Family Protocol / Constitution

When the original founder is no longer around to handle all the problems, what’s next for your family business? This is only one of the many questions that you’ll need to ask yourself.

Joint Ventures and Acquisitions

Our team has extensive experience working with international divisions of large corporations, VC firms, and trade groups. No matter if you are looking to acquire, build, or grow, our firm's team can help you complete your transaction in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Governance Models

We can help you create a governance model that provides the flexibility your organization needs to adjust quickly and effectively in the face of rapid change. Our team has decades of experience helping organizations come to grips with their complex challenges, and our governance services have helped executives make strategic decisions that have achieved ROI.

Operational Process Efficiency Improvement

Operational improvements will give you the power to surge ahead of the competition. Let’s explore the main areas of opportunity. For example, optimize your process, work faster, or automate your processes.

Business Models

There are countless business models, but only a few will help you achieve your goals. Each model needs to be compatible with your goals, values, and leadership style in order to be sustainable. We’ll help you find the one that works best for your company.


Our cutting-edge solutions ensure business continuity and a seamless flow of information. People, software, hardware, and systems – we put it all together to get results.

About Us

A Word From Our Founder

Dr. George T. Kastner is an accomplished strategy and operations Consultant, and a distinguished Professor. His academic career is respected throughout the world; it took him to, at least five countries and nine universities. His pragmatic, client-centric, and vision-driven focus are behind the growing success of First GTK. He is frequently invited to participate on Boards and is a sought-after speaker. The depth of his academic offerings include Global Management Practices, Hospital Management, Service in Healthcare, Management and Succession in Family Owned Business, Global Operations Management, Service Operations, Growth Management and Startups. His background enhances his ability to add value to First GTK’s customers. Dr. Kastner serves on multiple boards in three countries and on several advisory boards.

Et tristique felis.

Equally excited about
your business success

First GTK’s multi-industry solid experience, combined with innovative thinking, allows us to manipulate our recommendations beyond simple rationales, prescribed methodologies, and one-size-fits-all formulas. Instead, we deliver and stand behind the most effective course of action for our customers in every project.

Our growth is a byproduct of the outstanding client service our consultants deliver. We employ the best professionals in each industry with a shared background and vision based on respect, quality, and commitment to the client’s needs.

We solve clients’ toughest challenges by providing unmatched services in strategy consulting, technology, and operations; by driving innovative solutions into the future, improving the way the world works and lives.

Our experience helps companies define, design and implement tactics towards improved work processes and higher operational efficiencies with teams who have a clearer understanding on how to proceed.


Resources (Construction, Metals, Mining)

Finance and Banking

Technology (Telco, Information Management, Electronics)

Medical Equipment manufacturing and Distribution

Health care and Delivery Services


Public Administration



Garment and Textiles

Higher Education

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